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The YWCA has hosted its annual Stronger Together Breakfast for over a decade. At the breakfast, attendees have an opportunity to learn more about the YWCA and be inspired by its great work.  The event also provides critical funding the YWCA needs to support its mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this year’s breakfast has been canceled, yet the YWCA is still desperate need of the funding that the event usually provides. To adapt to these challenging times, this year the YWCA is recruiting Champions like you to join us in getting ten of your friends to donate to the YWCA.
It is our goal to raise $200,000 by June 15th, which will provide the YWCA the support it needs to provide life-saving services in this time of crisis.
As a Champion, you will receive weekly emails, social media posts, and early access to a video that will assist you to spread the word and raise the money we need for this important cause.
Thank you!  We are Stronger Together!


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